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The best way out is always through. — Robert Frost

How To : Impossible Dips

Apr 19, 2014   ||   How-To, Inspiration
impossible dips

Dejan demonstrates how to do the impossible dips. The impossible dip (its very possible) its similar to a Russian dip with no momentum from the legs, and trying to keep your shoulder back so it doesnt pass your elbow. Exercises to have before trying Dips Russian Dips Exercises To Practice Impossible Push ups Russian Dips […]

Mike Chang – Pullup Shortcut King!

Apr 17, 2014   ||   Uncategorized

Watch as Mike Chang from Six Pack Shortcuts muscles his way to the Guinness World Records title for most pull ups in one minute wearing a 40 lb pack” This video is not meant to be disrespectful to Mr.Mike Chang but point ing out the inaccuracies of Guinness. They claim Mike Chang is the pull […]

World Champhionship Online Contest!

Apr 14, 2014   ||   News

The World Street Workout Calisthenics Federation is hosting a online competition to pick the representative for America for the world street workout championship. There will be 2 winners who will have an all expenses paid trip to Moscow, Russia (must pay for visa but it will be refunded to you there. Airplane, food, and hotel […]

How To Front Lever (Front Lever Tutorial)

Jan 28, 2014   ||   Uncategorized
Front Design

Barstarzz Chris breaks down how he learned the front lever. The front lever is a move that requires full body tension but mainly recruits your core muscles and lats. Retract your scapula when performing the front lever. Keep your shoulder blades rolled back and tucked in. Lean back as your doing the front lever. Your […]


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